I am No One, Hear Me Roar

U.N Treaty, Right to Work and Scalia: WTF???

The simple fact is this: I need to find it within myself to stop being surprised when a Republican says or does something baffling, cruel and/or stupid. This week, they are proving themselves to be so diabolical that the devil himself is envious of their evil. First, they refused to sign a UN treaty that would give the disabled around the world access to the same rights enjoyed by the disabled in this country. They cited fear of the United Nations as their impetus, and concern that by signing this treaty, they would be jeopardizing the sovereignty of the United States. Sigh. In Michigan, Government Snyder enacted a “Right to Work” law that strips unions of their power, and the rights of workers to collectively bargain for higher wages and basic safety. Now, with the passage of this law, a person can decide when he or she is hired whether he or she wishes to pay union dues. They can opt out while still enjoying the perks of what the Unions have accomplished; you know, stuff like the five day workweek and fair wages, bullet proof vests for the police officers, and other life saving safety equipment, not to mention health insurance and retirement. By doing so, many people who do not understand what unions do for workers will start to disintegrate the unions, and the rights that were so hard won will be lost. Evil is alive and well wherever the Koch brothers go, and where they travel destruction surely follows. They are human disasters, and I use the word “human” loosely. Because of their enormous wealth and even greater greed, they are destroying this nation and everything for which she stands, little by little in some cases, and in one fell swoop in others. They have bought the government and by doing so, they control which laws are passed and which rights are stripped from citizens.

Democracy is dying; I can hear her rattling, fading gasps for air, and in her decomposition a corporate oligarchy is forming. It is a poisonous entity, with strangling tendrils and noxious fumes. The only life forms that can withstand this deadly weed are the ones who developed it and planted it: the very rich. The rest of us; the middle class, the moderately wealthy and the disadvantaged alike will fall when the spores from this deleterious monster are released into the world. Unless we the people join together, regardless of ideology or class to eradicate this invasive weed, America the Great will fade into distant memory. It is already happening, but it is not dead yet. We can still restore her greatness, her inclusiveness, her beauty and her open arms. We must separate the lobbyists from the Beltway to start with. As long as corporations and special interests give unlimited amounts of money to politicians, greed will win over goodness. The Right to Work legislation would never have been enacted had Governor Snyder not made a deal with the devil’s masters, the Koch brothers. I have no proof of that, but all it takes is eyes and common sense to know that something smarmy went on there.

If people want things to change in this country, they must stop voting for politicians who placate them with religious ideology. The politicians assure them that they will take away women’s rights and gay rights and the rights of minorities, for the price of a vote. The problem is, one cannot strip one group of people of their rights and dignity without collapsing the foundation of democracy. When one group falls, others will follow. People must start voting in their own best interests. For example, it is in the best interest of a Kansan janitor to vote for higher taxes for the richest 2%, universal health care, and support things like the Jobs Act and infrastructure repair. But because this guy is a Christian Republican, he votes against that and for the Republican politicians who could not possibly care less about him. Because of voters like that, the Republicans have put a strangle hold on this nation. These politicians have no conscience and no qualms with destroying the world for a profit. A final thought. WTF is wrong with Justice Scalia? Seriously. He likened supporting gay rights to supporting murder this week. Apparently I am as bad as a serial killer because I am gay. I have been with my partner for over ten years and we love each other unconditionally and we contribute to society, but we are worse than Ted Bundy or Ed Gein. It frightens me that a person as awful and bigoted and hateful is on the Supreme Court, especially when so many important decisions are decided by him. Yikes.

An Open Letter to Secessionists

Dear Secessionists,

The 2012 election did not go your way. That is a fact, and we all know how much you dislike facts. Nevertheless, irrefutable evidence shows that Democrats won not only the presidency, but also a lot of seats in the House and in the Senate. Now, the only manner in which that comes to be is through a majority vote. A “majority” means that more people prefer one thing over another, and this election provided conclusive proof that the majority of voters prefer Barack Obama and Joe Biden over Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The majority of voters also were in favor of preserving the rights of women and minorities, increasing taxes for the wealthiest 2% of our population, providing accessible healthcare, and continuing the existences of medicare and medicaid and social security, and so on.

Now that I have explained the definition of the word “majority,” allow me to relay a story of an event that occurred about 150 years ago. In a nutshell, the people of the southern states wanted to continue owning dark-skinned people. Owning people for the purpose of free labor had a two-fold benefit for the white folks: the very wealthy got richer from not having to pay the humans who were working themselves to death in the plantations and mansions, and the poor white people got to feel a sense of entitlement and superiority over the slaves. While this was happening, the Northerners were becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the notion of one person owning the life of a fellow human being. Eventually, it was decided that slavery must end. The Southerners were angry because abolishing slavery would ruin their economy and their way of life, and so they decided that secession would be a darned good idea. The Northerners were not okay with that, nor was the president of the U.S.–a guy named Abraham Lincoln. Thus began the Civil War. Perhaps you have heard of it.

The war was devastating to both the Union and the Confederacy (the North and the South, in case you Secessionists need a translation). However, the south lost the war. Oh yeah, they sure did. Slavery ended, but clearly racism and oppression and hate did not. In fact, the people of the secessionist movement are carrying on that grim legacy. But I digress. That means I’ve gotten off the subject. My point is, despite the south’s prediction that they will “rise again,” the fact of the matter is, they have not risen again. Slavery is still illegal, and we are still all one nation.

In 2008, America overwhelmingly voted for a black president with a name that many of you find suspicious and frightening. You have questioned his citizenship, insulted him, made racist and hateful comments about him and threatened his life. In 2011, you became giddy because you believed that Obama’s presidency would end in 2012, and you truly thought that whatever monstrosity you put up as your candidate would win the election. The official spokesman of Crazy, Ted Nugent, said he’d be dead or in jail if Obama wins again. Some GOP politician even threatened a civil war should his candidate not get the vote. The threats went on, the lies grew, and the sane people of this country became more and more wary of you.

Fast forward four years to 2012. Your supreme leader, Fox News, promised you that Mittens Romney would win the election by a landslide, and that “Traditional America” would be restored to you. Women would be back in the kitchen, gay people would be safely quarantined in rehabilitation camps, black people would be in their rightful places, and Hispanics would go back to wherever it was they came from. No more evolution being taught in schools! Climate change? What climate change? A Christian theocracy for all! Your hopes continued to rise despite all of the reputable polls showing Romney’s chances for election were quickly dwindling. Fox News and Rush Limbaugh cited their own internal polling and their incessant hateful diatribes, and so you had no clue about what was going on in Reality World. Well, election day arrived, and you lost! Sure, some of your measures passed, and you did retain the House majority, but even the south won some battles. However, they did not win the war. Boy, did that make you guys angry!

The black guy is still president? How can that be? You guys made all the right arguments: rape is a method of conception, the richest Americans deserve the most tax breaks, corporations are people and should decide elections, voters are not people and shouldn’t decide anything, and other mad, insane, crazy, cuckoo, deranged and delusional ideas. And now you want to secede because you lost, and you lost handily. You won’t live in a country where women and minorities have rights! No way. And the thought of living in a nation swarming with the maggots who voted for the Kenyan terrorist is too much for you to bear.

Don’t get me wrong, people. I think you have as much chance of getting your way in this matter as I have of being starting quarterback for the Green Bay Packers, but I believe this issue must be addressed. Have you asked yourselves the following questions?
1. If we secede, how will we defend our new nation? The military belongs to the United States of America, as do all of its tanks, airplanes, aircraft carriers, weapons, soldiers, officers, etc.

2. What will our currency be, and what will it be based on?  The dollar is the currency for the United States, a country to which we will no longer belong.

3. What kind of government will we have? A democracy, a corporate oligarchy, a theocracy?

4. How will we enforce whatever crazy laws we think up? Will we have a public police force, or will we privatize it? Either way, how will it be paid for?

5. In case of natural disaster, who will we contact for assistance? FEMA is an institution of the U.S., and no longer will assist us.

You know, stuff like that. Look, guys, we all know you’re bluffing. We also know that the last time your kind was displeased about black people getting a voice, you wanted to secede. You tried, you failed, and you have not risen again. You never will. The reason you will never succeed is because America is one nation, whether we are polarized or, more rarely,in agreement with one another. Besides, you do not speak for the majority in any way, shape or form. You are a fringe group whose only claims to fame are the KKK costumes you should be wearing and the anti-psychotic drugs you should be on. You are entertainment for the media, you are fodder for jokes, and while your views are frightening, strange and delusional, they will never be taken seriously. I suppose I addressed you and your cause not only out of pity and amusement, but also out of my pathological desire to inject a dose of reality into the tea you are drinking with the Mad Hatter and the White Rabbit. Please get help. For yourselves and the ones you love, get help.



Post-election Thoughts From a Progressive Voter

And so here we are as a nation, three days post-election. For those who want progress, reform, hope and inclusiveness, we are elated and relieved. For the 48% or so who voted for social regression, voter suppression, religious dogma, exclusivity, tax cuts for the wealthiest citizens, xenophobia, cynicism, sexism, hatred of gays, and racism, they are depressed, in denial, and enraged. In a visceral way, it is both satisfying and amusing to see them so confused; to witness the Fox News pundits and Republican operatives, Romney campaign aides and Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly and the like, bewildered and grasping frantically for explanations and blame.  I have read articles about Romney being “shell shocked” to learn that he lost the election. Really, Romney? You were shocked? Nearly every poll in the ten days or so leading up to the election gave Obama the advantage in the election. Seriously. They really did. Furthermore, for weeks the most reputable and accurate polls showed you and Obama tied in the popular vote 47% to 47%. What polls were you looking at that made you believe that you had a landslide edge over the president? Yes, yes…we all have heard the laughable explanations and blame doled out by the right.

Karl Rove and his minions attribute the loss of Romney’s “momentum” to Hurricane Sandy, because in the wake of the tragedy and the devastation wreaked by the hurricane, Obama “appeared bipartisan and presidential.” I have some news for you guys on the right. Firstly, any momentum that Romney had was lost prior to the hurricane’s landfall. Check the charts and the polls on that one. Secondly, Obama did not appear bipartisan and presidential, he is bipartisan and presidential, and this natural disaster simply allowed him to demonstrate that to the nation. Finally, Chris Christie is not to blame for Obama’s win. He really isn’t. While it is true that he lauded the president for his swift and decisive reaction to Hurricane Sandy (Heckuvajob Brownie complained that Obama reacted too quickly), he never actually endorsed Barack Obama. He told the press that he is still a Romney supporter and promised that he was indeed voting for the candidate on Election Day. I do have to admit that his proclamation sounded half-hearted, but give the guy a break. He is the governor of a state that was ravaged and nearly destroyed by one of the most destructive and powerful natural disasters to ever hit the east coast. He told the press that presidential politics was the last thing on his mind, or to quote him directly, “I don’t give a damn about presidential politics right now.”

The Republicans have only themselves to blame for their spectacular loss. They harbor an antiquated notion of what America should be, talk about rape being just another “method of conception,” a pregnancy resulting from rape being something that “God intended to happen,” and some even assert their expert medical opinions about  “legitimate rape” never creating pregnancies because “the female body has ways of shutting that down.” Romney told some supporters of his that 47% of the electorate wants something for nothing and are dependent on the government. This would include veterans, first responders, teachers and nurses to name a few. He blatantly lied to the people of Ohio about Jeep shipping all production to China, something the CEO of Jeep/Chrysler emphatically refuted. Additionally, when the hurricane hit at the end of October, it came out in both progressive and mainstream media that Mitt Romney wanted to privatize FEMA. To say that the Republican party must do some soul searching about the direction their party is going and what went wrong is to assume that the party has a soul. I have seen no evidence that they have a conscience or a soul, common sense, courage or a heart. From all appearances, they have no plans to change. AA tells us that change cannot happen until one admits that one has a problem. By this logic, the Republicans will never change because the Republicans do not see themselves as having any problems whatsoever; all of the problems, traps and obstacles lay with everyone else.

By all means, GOP. Keep it up. Show America and the world what you are about, and keep doing business the same way you have been doing it for the past thirty years or so. Continue blaming the “liberal media” , minorities, women and gay people for your troubles. Keep trying to outlaw all abortion. Do not reconsider suppressing voting rights, and please continue voting against equal pay for equal work. Oh, and by all means keep up the attempt to inextricably link church and state. Nearly everyone in the United States is clamoring for a theocracy, and you are onto that for sure. You have your dry, old, scaly fingers on the throbbing pulse of America’s heart and you know what we need.

I will end this blog with a journal entry I made the day of this year’s election.

“In about twelve hours or so, it should be known if this country is moving forward or imploding in on itself, causing a black hole that will affect every nation on Earth. Will it be good that wins, or will evil be the side that prevails? Time will tell. Somehow, three national polls have Obama and Romney tied. How is that possible? How is it that nearly fifty percent of the country despises Obama so intensely that they are willing to sell their souls to the Republican devils? I suppose that the very wealthiest among us who were born bereft of souls and consciences cast their vote based not on principle, nor any kind of ideology, but rather they vote for the figurehead who will cut their taxes, allow them to abolish minimum wage, permit them to dump toxic waste into rivers, streams and the sea, and who will eviscerate and destroy unions. The other people who vote for Romney do so against their own best interests for the sake of stripping minorities and gays of their hard-won rights, and cast their ballots against the rights and dignity of women. The Republican devils promise these people that for a vote, they will inextricably link church and state, add an amendment to the constitution that would disenfranchise an entire group of people, and will overturn a law that gives women the right to control their own bodies. In return, all they must do is allow the Republican devils to destroy social security, medicare and medicaid, permit them to give massive tax breaks to corporations and people who need it the least, outsource precious American jobs to places like China and India, privatize necessary mainstays such as police forces, fire fighting efforts, FEMA, roads, bridges and public schools; to systematically rape and pillage the environment and destroy the climate as we know it, and silence the voices of the American people who oppose their brutal onslaught. And so the souls of their voters are brokered and traded and invested and restructured and deformed by the Republicans, and this once great nation fall into the fading memory of time.

Even if Obama wins tonight, and a large part of me thinks he will, this battle that rages between good and evil will not go away. As long as Citizens United stands, and as long as lobbyists and corporations control their politician mouthpieces, the war will never end. We as a people will remain polarized in a way not seen since the days leading up to the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln said that a house divided against itself cannot stand. For how long can our house withstand this division, this strife? Something must change, and it must change quickly. There is my rant.”


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